Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Do you ever have a situation that you sort of created in your head? I seem to do that allot! Lately it's been with a guy I use to be really good friends with. We were great friends and got along awesomely. He was younger than me and had a crush on me as a kid. I of course had a thing for him because he was freaking adorable but he was two years younger then me and when ur like 13 years old, two years is a huge deal!!!! Like ginormous deal even now I really don't like 2 years but it's becoming a tad bit more deal able as I get older. Well looking back now all I can think of Is why did I think two years was such a big deal he was such a cute kid and now he is down right sexy! And has defiantly changed over the years.
In my head I'm that teenager and I've found him again and realized what I let get away and my mind is saying oh he must feel the same way I mean come on I'm such a catch( ha ha ha) but of course this isn't that catch!!! He is this studly hot smothering guy who his really tall and huge shoulders so of course he can have any blonde bikini wearing girl he wants, and he does!
So when I see him talking to a girl I just want to scream aggg he's mine!!!!!!! Well he's not but he should be!!! I need to stop letting my mind do this....................

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