Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So my big pet peeve lately is teases! Guys who let you think you have a chance any as soon as you decided to take that chance it's like Woah! Hey now did you think that smile said I want to sleep with you because it really means I have a girlfriend and just think you're really nice. Please note ladies that we all know that these two smiles ARE THE SAME THING!!!! Or the guy who seems really nice and do fun to talk to and just as you think he may turn out to be really awesome boyfriend quality product, he's all hey so I'm just going to take my pants off and see what happens!

Then you have the other kinds of teasers like the boss who loves to point out everything you do wrong so when you finally do something right and you get really excited because maybe for once you will actually get oh say a "thank you" or maybe If they've had a few drinks or just got laid a "good job"!! But of course things never work out that way insted the remark is somewhere along the lines of " psh you think that's good, I could do it upside down while pouring coffe and giving that guy a blow job!"

I think I just need to finish my expresso and try to get something accomplished insted of bitching!

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