Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear mind, back the hell off!

Over thinking, this is something I do to such an extent that it actually gets in my way of living life. I can't gO out with friends because I just keep thinking about all this other stuff that have to do insted of going out with people. Even when I'm doing school work or such I just keep thinking about what else needs to be done once I'm done with this. I feel like if I don't get a hold on this while I'm still here at home, as a-posed to when I'm Away at school and will have even more distractions. I also Wonder if when I'm away at school that maybe it will be better because I will be away from my family and away from everything else that adds to this constant guilt and stress I have inside.

I just know this has to stop!

I want to live my life again, to be able to have the life of a typical college student I don't want to be out partying every night getting wasted to the point that I wake up in some hockey players closet with no pants and a very bad headache( ok so I guess if it's a cute hockey player it's ok) but you know what I mean! I want to have times where my mind can just shut off and I can simply focus on here and now, not what I need to accomplish tommrow.

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