Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family Jewels

So in my 18 years on this planet i have learned a few things, one of them being that guys love their dicks and get some pleasure from taking pictures of them & sending them to us girls. Now i find guys very sexy and such but i dont get the appeal of their man hoods atleast the appearence of them. They spend their days flipping around between a guys legs and every once in awhile see the light of day for a guy to piss or jack off, sound attractive.

Luckly for the generation below me this wasnt such a problem seeing as technology wasnt what it is now. I wont go into details but many times in my life i have had guys either just randomly send me pictures of their man hood, or ask me if they could. Now given the choice i would rather they didnt send me them at all, because then they expect me to have some kind of responce to getting the picture. When in reality its just kind of blah. I know guys get off from seeing girls boobs & such but guys also masterbate a hell of alot more then girls, atleast thats how it seems to me.

So whats up with this guys? Are you looking for some kind of confidence boost? because if thats so then thats fine, just tell me ahead of time, oh & also explain the appropriate comments that should be made because i have a feeling, saying "Thats it?" wouldnt go over very well XD

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