Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So since i've started doing my fall shopping and even though i know i cant afford like anything i still cant help looking through the big designers websites, some of my personal favorites are betsey johnson, michael kors and such. I just cant help but look at stuff i will never get lol I am in love with leather, studs, feather and layers!! Ive already bought a few staples for fall. A pair of leather studded boots. A military/cargo style jacket, a leather jacket, a ton of leggings since i love!!

School is super crazy, its like everything just hit all of the sudden & i never have anytime, ive taken it apon myself to make sure i take time off and write on here even if no one reads it. XD

The totally bad thing that sucks about living with my dad is that my kitty midnight is still at my moms. I might move her to my dads but shes alittle older and im afraid moving her to a differnt house would cause problems since shes been at my moms house with me her whole life and shes my baby =/ i kind of want a puppy though like a weiner dog or a french bulldog i love those kind of dogs. like a small dog thats not a yappy anoying little thing. i dont know what to do cause i miss midnight coming in and taking up my entire bed! =]

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