Saturday, December 25, 2010


There are some parts of christmas time that i simply love! Decorating is one of them, and while i didn't really decorate this year, besides my chritmas tree covered in fushia, purple, blue and green ornaments. Being a college student living with her dad whos only home to sleep, i didn't really see the need. Working at target means i always see all the lovely decorations coming through, which fills me with ideas on what i would do some day when i do decorate. These arnt in any order & they also arn't ment to go together with each other. Just random things i find and love!

Pier1 Jeweled Ornaments Table Runner

Multicolored Sequined Garland
I would love to wrap this around my curtin rods or something, its just so fun.

Green Ornament Peace Wreath

Red Vases

Peacock Mirror

Peacock Wreath
I know this isnt christmas type, but i found it while looking online and i have to say, i love it!

Red Rose Stems
I would literly just stick these everywhere, on the tree in vases, on lights, everywhere!!

Tile Mirror
My mom use to have a bunch of small mirrors like this one that we would put under the vases and such and i have to say, i love the look of it!!


I'm stopping for now since as the only girl in my family, i must now help my mom make her christmas lasgna.

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