Monday, October 11, 2010

Lets try this again

So ive had this blog since the beginning of the year and at the time i was taking it in a different direction then i am now. I'm pretty much going us this to talk about whatever i feel like, maybe post some fun DIYS i do since i do love them so much. Well i dout anyone will read this(its not like anyone did last time) but what the hell.

My names clair, im an 18 year old college student who cant decide what the hell i want to study so im pretty much taking a bunch of random classes till i decide. Im a cashier at Target, i hate it there but atleast its a job. One of these days ill get fed up enough & quit. Atleast i get to work with some cute guys, which is of course a very big plus!! =D

Working at target isnt my only job, i also make and sell headbands, beanies, hair pins & such at this adorable little shop called At Rainbows End. I love doing it because its my kind of release. Most of my pieces i make have feathers and rosettes on them because that is the kind of stuff i like.

If you read this id like to know, even if your like "omfg this chick is crazy, she needs to shut the fuck up" lmao =)

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